Extend Semantic Model + Icons


Am I here in the right place to request some addition to the semantic model and images?

Because I am currently missing semantic model entries for

  • toilet_1…n
  • shower
  • pantry (speisekammer)
  • wardrobe / walk-in closet
  • brightness (as in LUX)

and an image for

  • dining room
  • brighness (LUX)

Thanks, Alex.

I’m missing moveable things, like persons with smartphones, or animals with trackers in the semantic model.

Here is a pretty long discussion on semantics: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-core/issues/1791

Note sure what you need the icons for but check this thread out: New feature in Main UI: Iconify support for icons

That’s two different things. The semantic model has nothing to do with images and already is covering all you asked for (brightness is “luminance”).

@stefan.hoehn thanks for the links. I read through the semantics discussion. I now better understand where my overall confusion on semantics comes from - legacy items. and i think I still have not completely understood the various elements due to mixing of terms in the discussion. But, never mind.

As of the icon sets, that seems to be a rabbit hole on its own :smiley:

@mstormi yes, you are right. I should not have mixed the two topics. Found it - although not where I would have expected it.

There is also a pretty good article on that topic written by Rich that can be found here