Exterior motion sensor

Does anyone know of a decent motion sensor that is rated exterior for freezing climates? I’d like to be able to turn my exterior lights on when a car pulls into the driveway.

Currently I have OpenHab running with a DSC alarm panel and a Insteon controller, so something that works with those would be good, but I’m also open to adding a z-wave controller or similar if necessary.

I don’t know one, sorry!

If you are looking for it to happen when someone that lives there comes home there and plenty of other ways to accomplish this. I use tasker on my phone (connect to WiFi flip a switch…if after dark an DSC alarm is armed turn on exterior lights.) My wife has an iPhone and I accomplish the same thing with IFTTT and a geofence.

Thanks. That’s a good thought and I might implement something like that for us, but I’d still like to be able to have them come on for any movement (like good old fashioned motion activated lights).

Where the heck do you live, Alaska ?
All motion sensors I know will work fine outside. IPxx protection and operating conditions are more of a formal (lawish) thing rather than due to real problems at low temperatures. Any Insteon or ZWave device will do.
(and yes, I, too, use geofencing using owntracks for this kind of application).

Ottawa - historical extreme temperature swing is from -36°C to +38°C. And that’s without wind chill.

DSC have an exterior sensor which I use and it gets quite cold here in France. I even have a spare one if you are interested depending on where you live…oh just seen you are in Ottowa…shame.