External JSON: how to bulk-create items to OH3

While migrating from openhab2 to openhab3 I also like to move to a UI-based configuration.
I have a bunch of local sensors/IoT-devices, which I connect to via external scripts (they’re pretty proprietary, so no Binding available) and my scripts then mix them all to JSON information, which I imported into openhab2.
How can I “bulk”-create a bunch of items with all of them metadata (strings, numbers, ranges, model information, …). I’m tired of adding hundreds of items via point-and-click! :wink:

What I like would be a “generic” JSON-Thing, which creates channels via the JSON attributes and I can then add “Equipment” to my model…? Is something like this possible?

Under normal circumstances I find it easiest to recreate the Items using “create equipment from Thing.” However, it’s not clear you have Things.

Are you only talking about Items or are you talking about creating Things too?

There is no such thing as a generic Thing. All Things must be connected to a binding. So how to you call these external scripts now? The Exec Binding? executeCommandLine from a Rule? The scripts independently push updates to openHAB Items through the REST API?

If you are just talking about Items, just import your .items files. When you lick on the + icon you see an option to “add items from textual definition”. You can just paste your Items into that and it will import them into the JSONDB. This will also import all the metadata defined on the item.