Extra Characters In TCP Data

Hello -

I am working my way through OH and learning more and more everyday.

I am attempting to control my lighting system using OH by sending ASCII codes to the system. I have finally have the binding pushing the commands yet I see additional characters when I sniff the traffic.

Here’s my item:

Here’s the MAP

When I sniff with WireShark this is what I see…notice the extra single quotes before and after the command from the MAP file…where are those guys coming from??

And when I look at the log file I see it was transformed and added the single quotes in…I think these single quotes are preventing my lighting system from acknowledging the request.

I’m sure it’s something easy I am missing…can someone offer some guidance?


What can I do to get one of you great minds to look at the above and offer a suggestion??

Got it solved!!!

I had to append the CR to my ASCII text in the .map file as the postamble did not seem to send the “\r” (i have since commented it out)

So in my example above my ON and OFF values now look like this:

ON=VLA@1 218 1 100\r
OFF=VLA@1 218 1 0\r

Now on to figure more things out!