Extra dimension (zones) for channels (power, volume, ...)

Currently I’m working on a binding for Yamaha MusicCast. Basic functionality is already working well via a Thing.
Some devices of the Yamaha receivers support multiple zones which can have different statuses, volume, …

  1. Any advice how to handle that with channels?

  2. How the structure would look like then? binding:thing:unique id:channel:zone ?

I already had a look at the Sonos and Yamaha Receiver binding but could not (yet) identify it (still learning).

I’m guessing each zone has the same channels? In that case the zone should be group channel… The structure would than be binding:thing:unique id:zone#channel.

Yes, thank you. Most of the channels are the same for each zone. A few like source are general.
Need to do some more digging to find out how that works :slight_smile:

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