Factory reset zwave stick, now all nodes are unknown devices after re-add

I bought a zwave toolbox (https://www.zwaveproducts.com/z-wave-toolbox) to troubleshoot zwave delays I was seeing and through the tool saw some weird routing problems (trying to route through nodes that didn’t exist anymore), so I figured the only way to resolve that would be to factory reset the zwave Gen5 stick and to re-add everything.

When I started to re-add all the devices, they all showed up as unknown, even all the hardwired devices, even after 10 hours. I tried synchronizing the network, performing a network heal, deleting the zwave XML files (since the node ID numbers now changed), rebooted the openhab server multiple times, but nothing has helped. All these devices were known previously, none are new hardware.

I’m running 2.5.0.M1.

Does anyone have any ideas of other things I can try?

Looks like after deleting the XML files, deleting the zwave devices from Habmin, then deleting them from the “inbox” of new found devices and performing a zwave inclusion, it re-detected them properly.

After a hard reset of the controller all devices get deleted and you have to include them again.

Understood, but it was after the delete / RE-include that they should still show up as unknown device though, even after waiting 10 hours for mains connected devices (light switches, blinds, thermostat, etc). It seemed that it would only work after I deleted the devices (this is already after the delete and RE-include after the factor reset, so they were already deleted and re-added once after), delete from inbox, delete XML files and then re-add a second time. I haven’t tried re-adding everything back yet, but the few switches and thermostats came back online and were recognized properly. I’ll add the battery and blinds later this week and see how it goes.

Maybe you were affected by the serial driver problem in the zwave binding, I’m not sure if it was already present in M1.
In this case all devices are offline because the serial transport driver is not loaded. Rebooting fixes this normally.