Fail to set WLED color in rule

Hi everyone,
I fiddle around for a few hours now - and fail to set the color of my WLED strip…

Item definition:

Color LED_TV_WZ_Farbe "Farbe" ["Lighting"] {channel="wled:wled:001:wztv:colour"}


rule "LED TV Startup Color"
when Item CUL_WZ_LED_TV received command "ON"
     logInfo("RULE:LED TV Startup Color", "[INFO]: Die Farbe wird auf Blau gesetzt")

The rule fires when the trigger is recognised (I can see the log entry in the logfile), but the color is not set by the sendCommand command.

What’s wrong?


See this link:

And this topic:

Man, that’s super-ugly…I’ve got things, items and a nice color picker in the sitemap - and then I publish some value directly into the MQTT path on the broker? That might be working but I’m sure that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Besides that I need to install and configure MQTTAction which I’m currently not using. Is there no better solution for it?

There is a non merged binding for Wled here and it supports auto discovery :

in a rule you then then do this.

WledColorCh.sendCommand("0,100,100") //Turn bright red... HUE,SATURATION,BRIGHTNESS
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