Failed to add an IP Camera (ONVIF), multiple issues

Hello everyone,

While trying to add a Tapo C200 IP Camera (that I know can work as I’ve seen it in the forum), I encountered diferent issues.

1 - I can’t set log Trace. When I try to execute the command line

log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.ipcamera

I get an error answer :

log:set: command not found

2 - My IP Cam goes from online to offline to online, etc… in a perpetual loop (I have installed ffmpeg)

Thanks for your your help !

You need to run the log command from inside the openhab Kara Console and not the normal command prompt or Linux terminal. See here you probably need the ssh command from this link to open it up.

Also please include what openhab version you have to know what bug fixes as re in your build as some onvif issues were fixed recently. Upgrade if not on the latest stable build.