Falling at First hurdle: What URL should I use to access HABPanel?

What is the URL I should use to access HABPabel?

I have spent a few hours reading doco and posts in this channel, but still don’t know how to (install and?) access HABPanel.

I have a Raspberry Pi running docker, with a container for OpenHAB on port 4050. I can see my widgets when I log on to https://home.myopenhab.org/ and when I hit my raspberry pi with a browser via

I think the “No Pages” displayed on this page indicates I have no HABPanel page (either locally or on the server).

In my iOS App, I get a blank sheet. In my iPad browser I see: “No default panel configuration” “Sign in with the main UI to enable editing in HABPanel and set a default panel configuration”

I believe HABPanel is installed, as when I access I see “Remove” button and “HABPanel is a lightweight dashboard interface for openHAB…”.

Even though it is installed, my conf/services/addons.cfg file has no UI listed:

# A comma-separated list of UIs to install (e.g. "ui = basic,habpanel")
#ui = also says “You can access this server-side configuration in Paper UI, Configuration > Services > UI > HABPanel .”

How do I access paperUI? I cannot see this option anywhere.

If someone can help me out, I would gladly update the documentation in a pull request to make this easier for people in future.

The url for you would be but you don’t even need that. There is a link you can use right on that overview page. On the upper right-hand corner you should see a little icon that looks like image. Clicking on that will open the right-side panel which should have your link to HABPanel right there:

Nope, the no pages means that you haven’t built any pages for the MainUI yet. This is different than HABPanel. The MainUI in OH3 is now the primary interface for administration but also designed to be the primary interface for interaction as well. HABPanel has been maintained because there is a large active userbase for it, but there are other options. There are some very good tutorials on how to build widgets and pages for this new MainUI in the help docs, so if you’re not wedded to using HABPanel then you may find using MainUI to be an easier and user friendly setup.

This is a hold over from the previous version. PaperUI does not exist at all in OH3. MainUI is the (much, much, much better) successor to PaperUI.

Thanks @JustinG ! As promised I have added this info to the doco in this pull request.

As a newbie should I forget about both HABPabel and Basic UI, and jump straight on the MainUI bandwagon? I want to view some items and control some automated valves I have connected up, using android and IOS, and will use a PC or CLI to configure openHAB.

HABPanel is a great interface for some things, but as a beginner you will almost certainly find the MainUI more approachable. Plus, in your case, it sounds like the MainUI might be a better fit anyway because HABPanel really excels at fixed layout interfaces where the MainUI interfaces are fairly easy to make responsive so that they look great and work easily on all sort of different screens such as different phones.