[Feed] wrong characters with locale de_DE

I have a problem with Feed Binding [OH2, Build #920] on Windows 10, 32 bit. It displays the wrong characters. I have locale de_DE.
All german “Umlaute” =“vowel mutation” are displayed wrong:

Umlaut | displayed as
Ä = Ä
Ö = Ö
Ü = Ãœ
ä = ä
ö = ö
ü = ü
ß = ß

It seems that they are converted from original character to UTF-8, even if origin rss feed file (XML) is encoded with “utf-8”.

Example see here:

I tried to transform [XSLT] with a rule to “ISO-8859-1”, but without success.

But transforming could NOT be the solution! What else can I do?

Can somebody confirm this issue?

@svilenvul Maybe you can please help me? Thanks a lot!


The Feed Binding is using the Java default encoding when fetching the data from the server. So I guess the encoding is not set correctly. No problems at my machine, where UTF-8 is set.


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@svilenvul I have a Windows 10 machine. I now set the following environment variable:

 JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS        =        -Dfile.encoding=UTF8

At OH2 startup I now get the following message in karaf console:

Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Dfile.encoding=UTF8

Now feed binding is running with german vowel mutation. Thanks a lot!

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That solved it! Thanks a lot!

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