Feeding OpenHAB with bluetooth based sensors

I’ve written a blog post after finally getting a bluetooth based sensor into openhab. It’s based on an idea I had in August - iBeacons for room based temperature sensors?

Blog is here with some detail. The code I’ll post on github.



Nice, something like this would have been most definetely a better alternative to my netatmo devices. Somehow I still have a unhappy feeling about sending all my data to some strange company just so I can pull them back again into my OH.

It is amazingly “interesting” how much you can read about my living habits from the CO2 and humidity data :frowning:

Ah yeah, definitely happier to keep that sort of data local.

And while my post does look like an ad for blue maestro, the concepts are transportable across devices - as long as you can get access to the advertising packet structure.