Feit Smart Switches/Dimmers - Any experience with those?

Thanks for the follow up. There are three wires. Black appears to be hot, and white and red appears to be travelers.

Only way to know for sure is to go back and see how they were connected to the previous switch … usually the ‘hot’ should be connected to a screw of different color (typically black) on the switch.

Also, open the other 3-way switch, and that should have the same colors for the 2 travelers.

As for the ‘missing’ neutral, sometimes it’s easy to route one (sometimes not) …

I got this from a Feit engr on a 4 way install that is reported to work! I have to get one more switch for.it to work

[SmartSelect_20200212-122635_Yahoo Mail|690x343](upload://sfxVkuW7X4COJq s4kLXcH4ZFTVi.jpeg)

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this is very promising, but can’t download your link. Can you re-post ?

I found this on reddit … will try tonight and give feedback. This might suggest that one can use the smart dimmers in more than 3 locations … i.e., just keep on cascading them.

The one challenge I foresee, is that typically in a 4-way installation, there are only 2 travelers between each of the 2 3-ways and the 4-ways switches. In the picture below, the Neutral also is ‘traveling’ between the boxes. I’ll have to re-purpose the 2 existing travelers as AC_L and YL/RD … This means each of the 3 boxes must have neutral wires. Sounds promising, I’ll try it tonight on a mock setup first.


It does work, though at times the 3 switches no longer sync. I have to experiment a bit more.

The setup works fine if you press the buttons repeatedly (but not too fast). If you toggle the switches too fast (as kids do), the switches get ‘confused’, possibly a capacitor charging/discharging, and lose sync.

I’ve been looking for such solution for a while. Glad I finally have it. I have two rooms/areas that need 4-way switches, and that means I need a total of 6 Feit smart dimmers … sounds like I need to visit Costco again.

Thanks to @El_Toro_Salvaje for such find.

One last update.

The instructions packed with the switch give wirings for 3 options:

  1. 1-Way, with 1 smart dimmer
  2. 3-way, with one regular switch + 1 smart dimmer
  3. 3-way, with 2x smart dimmers.

The above discussion (prior posts) presented/confirmed how to wire

  1. 4-way, with 3x smart dimmers

In an attempt to re-produce #2 (above) with one less dimmer, I tried to do a 4-way, with one regular switch + 2 smart dimmers, but that did not work. The middle switch somehow does not respond at all. Thus, it seems there is only one way to get a 4-way setup working (4 above).


Per discussion below, there is now one additional way to get a 4-way setup

  1. 4-way, with 1 smart dimmer and 2× 3-way switches (See below, post from @ChiFan)

If you’re looking for a solution to connect one Feit smart dimmer with one 3-way switch and one 4-way switch, here is the solution given to me by Feit that worked for me:

In case the picture does not upload well:

  1. Connect wire going to light to Feit dimmer ‘Load’ terminal.
  2. Connect Neutral wire to Feit dimmer ‘AC-N’ terminal.
  3. Connect a traveler wire from Feit dimmer ‘YL/RD’ terminal to ‘Common-1’ (one terminal on top) terminal on 4-way switch.
  4. Connect hot wire to Feit dimmer ‘AC-L’ terminal with ‘Common’ terminal on 3-way switch. Note: Can use wire nut to tie the wires together on either end.
  5. Connect two traveler wires between two bottom terminals on 4-way switch with traveler terminals on 3-way switch.
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Beautiful, and Thank you!

I just tried it on my desk, with few switches and wires and it DOES work.

Few Comments:

  1. Strictly speaking, one needs 2× 3-way switches (in the above diagram, the 4-way is used as a 3-way).

  2. One caveat however: The above solution requires a total of 3 travelers. 2 between the 2 3×way switches (T1+T2), and one between the first 3-way and the dimmer (Line+AC-L). Most pre-existing installations have only T1+T2 … unless the first 3-way and the dimmer are fed from two different HOT wires … which is not trivial as that might introduce cross-talk between 2 separate circuits (phases)? The ‘clean’ approach is to add another traveler between the first 3-way and the dimmer, but that might not be always easy.

Elegant solution nonetheless. I’d need to open all 3 gangs and see if I have a HOT wire in both the first 3-way and the dimmer. My switches are located on 1st/2nd floor and some of the boxes have many wires in the back (some of them feed outlets) … we’ll see.

I agree that it could be done with two 3-way switches instead.
Yes, three travelers are required. As indicated, one in step 3 and two in step 5.

I had a similar configuration with one switch on the 2nd floor and two switches on the 1st floor (one a 3-way and other a 4-way).
The existing configuration had a 3-way switch on the 1st floor connected to the Load and two travelers connected to the 4-way switch. The 2nd floor switch was connected to the hot and had two travelers connected to the 1st floor 4-way switch. This 2nd floor gang also had access to the Load wire.

I replaced the 2nd floor switch with the dimmer.
For step 1, I cut the Load wire at the 2nd floor gang and connected it to the dimmer AC-L.
For step 3, I used one of the existing travelers from the 2nd floor switch to the 4-way switch and disconnected the second traveler between the two.
For step 4, rather than pull a new wire, I reused the disconnected Load wire to the 1st floor as the Hot to the 1st floor 3-way switch.

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I tried the schematics in post 29 on two circuits, one worked fine, the other ‘sparked’. My installation is slightly different than what is shown in the schematics as the two Live/Hot wires feeding the first and last switches are ‘different’ and might not come from the same master switch in the basement. Could also be that, the gang box is so crammed and I might have shorted a wire. Tomorrow I’ll run some diagnostics, can’t do much in the dark.

PS. This hobby/obsession is taking way more time than I had anticipated … :frowning:

i tried to post it but saw that you already had the Reddit schematic already in a previous post. I have returned those switches and ordered a set of 4 way smart switch dimmers by Martin Jerry from amazon. it consists of a Master and two add -on switches. it does require a neutral wire and 2,4 G wifi. Will let you know if it works

I played back and forth with the two solutions presented in posts 25&29, and here is my verdict.

The ‘hot’ line needs to be common. If somehow (as I do) you do not have the SAME hot wire in all 3 boxes, then you’re likely to encounter an issue (burnt internal circuits of the dimmer). In my specific case, I have a foyer lamp/chandelier with 3 switches (2 3-way + 1 4-way) and 3 hall lights (on the same circuit) also with 3 switches (2 3-way switches + 1 4-way switch).

In one case, the solution on post 29 works as expected, in the other case, the dimmer sparked and got burnt. I must mention that, in both cases, the first 3-way switch and the dimmer are fed by 2 DIFFERENT hot wires.

I’m sorry if this has already been addressed in previous posts, but my 3 way dimmers have been installed and the dimmers themselves light up, but the light bulbs are not working at all… Anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this?

Can you give more details about your installation(s)? Which configuration are you using?

  1. One Smart dimmer at each end (of a 3-way installation) or …
  2. One dimmer + one single pole switch ?

If it’s #2, then the dimmer needs to replace the 3-way switch that is CLOSER to the load/lamp side, and the regular single pole needs to be close to Mains/Supply.

If your installation is #2, be careful with the two travelers. One of such travelers must ALWAYS be HOT. Try swapping the two travelers on the dimmer side, between the AC-L and YL/RD lines, and see what happens.

@JB_63, how did it go? were you able to change the stock firmware?

Not yet. My openHAB setup is not running yet. As such, I’m still running the oem’s firmware with the Feit App.

Okay, I followed the instructions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5-iZc4_qU and https://tasmota.github.io/docs/#/MQTT?id=mqtt-topic-definition and I successfully ported it to tasmota. I’m able to control it from the switch and via MQTT commands. Now to integrate it with Openhab.

Hi, I thought I give this forum a try before I give up and return the product. I am trying to use FEIT Smart WI-FI Dimmer for my three way switch but I just couldn’t figure out how to wire it. My 3 way switch is set up like the jpg picture here https://www.dropbox.com/s/ed72xhjrn9hi18b/3way.JPG?dl=0 . Instruction on Feit product mentioned that it should be installed on the “load” side. (but where is the load side?) I am planning to install one Feit smart dimmer, ideally replacing the switch on the left side of the diagram. Could someone help and tell me what is the right way to wire up the Feit smart dimmer based on the wiring diagram? Thanks in advance.