Feit String Light control

First off I’m fairly new to all of this but I’m trying to learn!

I’m currently waiting to get some door motion sensors (main reason I’m trying this out) and I was wondering if anyone had gotten something to work with a Feit electric string light. The set I got from costco allows you to connect to them via wifi to control them. I have bugs with the wifi control right now (signal isn’t strong enough where they are located) but I have had them connected and used Feit’s app to control them.

While I might not control them directly with the app I was thinking it might be nice to include some sort of security connection (Ie I tell my google assistant ‘intruder’ and it turns on the lights and flashes them white and red or say ‘turn lights green’ and they turn green, or the door opens while armed and sets off those lights)

thanks for any help!