Fetch Value from Item in sitemap

I’m new with openhab, and I try to fetch a value from items in my sitemap.

Image PlexTVCover               "[%s]"                    <video>         {plex="xxxxxxx#playback/cover"}

That is no Problem. I have check with Text and see I get a url back. So I change it to image.

My sitemaps:
Image item=PlexTVCover url=“PlexTVCover” visibility=[PlexTVStatus!=“Stopped”]

But I don’t understand how I get the the right value in url?

Best regards


Get rid of the url part. That is only used when you are supplying a static URL instead of referring to the one stored in PlexTVCover. You are already telling the Image element of the sitemap to use that value with the item part.