Few questions about the log system and itemstates

Can anyone here tell me how the logs get populated when something happened?
I would really appreciate some diagram showing how everything under the hood for those sensors.

I have been using openhab to regulate temperature and pool lights in my condominium for few years now after updating to the new version 2.5 I started seeing a lot of dependencies and I feel like I can’t troubleshoot anything without understanding how it works.

also can anyone tell where is the itemstate saved not speaking of the persistent db, but where are they live before being saved to the persistence db?

You would do well to review the Concepts sections of the docs first.

Logs get populated when code that contains logging statements runs. To get more specific you would need to provide which specific log statements you are interested in.

events.log only writes out those events that take place on the EventBus.

Source events notes
Items commands, changes, autoupdate Item updates do not get logged to events.log but they are events that get placed on the Event Bus
Things trigger events, status changes See the table in the Things page under Concepts
Rules loading, running, idle Only for NGRE Rules

Item’s states are stored in the Item Registry. When you call MyItem.state it pulls the state for that Item from the Item Registry.

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