Few questions about wallmounted tablet

I still use Rotini full time on my tablet mounted in the kitchen so I’ll be sad if I need to find an alternative. Latest updates have been showing to travel time to my wife’s shop “Sugarcrafts” and also the most recent check of internet speed using “Speedtest”.

You can always try HABPanel which is in constant development, is official, free and open-source.
People submit their own widgets, so there will be more awesome stuff coming, that some day - I believe - will outperform Rotini.

Your app looks verry nice :slight_smile:
I made a request on google groups to Igor but I saw it says alpha not beta…
could you please tell me if I need to do other modifications than to create a new sitemap called Rotini which will contain all my items?

Guys as I see you tested those few apps, have you compare power consumption / battery drain ?
I have Rotini + Motion detector and even during charging power can go down :frowning: I thought that it is due to Motion detector, but Battery mix shows that Rotini consumed most of power, even after night where is no motion.
Of course this what software suggested me I have not compare it with others.

Yeah I’m sure the open-source aspect will make it pretty cool.
To be honest I’ve been keeping an eye on it but haven’t investigated it very much at all. Might do when I eventually upgrade to OH2 but at the moment my initial investigation and reading makes me think HABPanel is more complicated to setup and maintain.

My LG tablet turns off the screen entirely after 10 minutes and then i double tap the screen to bring it back. Motion detection is handled by my alarm PIR which is in the same room. At some point I hope to make motion detected by the PIR switch on my tablet screen…
But at the moment I have had no power issues, my tablet seems to always be at 100% so the cheap Qui charger is charging it fast enough at least.

This tablet motion detector is very good, it always wake up tablet (with Rotini), where you are close. So you can take a look to obtain temp or heating status ir change something. I have also cheap Qi + 2A power supply, so it should be enought. Some times it is charged up to 100% for few days, some times, usually after the night it went to 0%. Battery mix reported Rotinin as main app, which consumed battery even in the night. That’s why I asked about diff app.
Now I am gonna test without Rotini …

Can you confirm the exact app you’re using for motion detection on the tablet and I’ll give it a try.

Talking of apps on a wall mounted tablet… Does anyone know of an easy way to kill an app at a certain time and then restart it or start it if it wasn’t already running? At 2am every morning I’d like to kill Rotini and restart it and also do the same with the squeezebox client I have loaded on the tablet.

I use just motion Detector:

Thanks! Are you using tasker or something to switch on the screen?

I think there is a way for HABPanel to have a server based UI that can be used on multiple devices. I don’t use it though so can’t say for sure. It has at least been talked about a lot.

Hi guys,
Do you really need this motion detection on tablets? E.g I keep screen on on all my tablets 24/7. Only what changed is screen brightness - I adjust it by sunrise/sunset.
So far there were no problems with charge - it is always 100%

I use Snackbar tasker

this is really good, I’m gonna try copy your install! thankyou!