FGD-211 Fibaro Dimmers & Associations


I have two of these dimmers and they have always worked perfectly with OpenHab 1. I have recently completed my upgrade to OpenHab 2 with version 2 of the binding.

Each of the dimmers has 3 items bound to one channel. These three items are two dimmers (one with a HUE emulator pronouncable name) and one switch.

Previously, if I altered the dimmer item for example then the switch item would change to on or off to reflect this and vice versa. Now however this is not the case.

I have several other types of dimmers in the house and all of these behave as expected, a change to one item linked to a channel is reflected in all other linked items.

The only difference with the Fibaro’s is that I seem to be unable to set the 3rd Association group (Controller Updates) with HabMin 2, I can see the option to set, but when I set it and save, the little orange pending icon appears and it never updates. When I reload HabMin the association group is blank.

Just wondering if this was a known issue or something that maybe was fixed on the development version?


Take a look at this thread, maybe it helps…