FGFS101 Flood Sensor how to change wakeup interval?

Dear All
I cant understand how to change this parametr. For me from habmin are assesible only “numbered” parameters, not that one.

Wakeup Interval

The wakeup interval sets the period at which the device will listen for messages from the controller. This is required for battery devices that sleep most of the time in order to conserve battery life. The device will wake up at this interval and send a message to the controller to tell it that it can accept messages - after a few seconds, it will go back to sleep if there is no further communications.

This setting is defined in seconds . It is advisable not to set this interval too short or it could impact battery life. A period of 1 hour (3600 seconds) is suitable in most instances.

Note that this setting does not affect the devices ability to send sensor data, or notification events.

This parameter has the configuration ID wakeup_interval and is of type INTEGER .