FGK 101 z-Wave configuration


I am trying to setup a Fibaro 101 Door/Window sensor but cannot make it send the contact status. I am seeing in the debug-logs that the device is sending an alarm frame when the contact is opened or closed. However, whatever I set as a channel does not work.
Is anybody using this device and can share the parameters, associated groups and channel-configuration?

Thanks a lot in advance. :slight_smile:

The only thing I changed from the default was setting parameter 5 to “Basic Set”

“Condition” to “openHAB controller”

Contact FibDWS1_C_IN1 "FibDWS1_C_IN1" <contact> (gRestore) { channel="zwave:device:158b44ebf65:node27:sensor_door"}

Make sure you have a wakup interval set! For battery saving I set mine to 21600 (milliseconds)