Hello everybody,
im fighting with Zwave… one week before i placed a question regarding zwave mesh, it was solved, thank you very much for the community. Now i have got a new problem…
im using the uzb zwave stick, and im triing to set the secure network. (without security everything is working, i had 2 weeks of testing period behind me.)
so i reseted the controller (zensys…) i tried to add the devices again.
The Aeotech ZW120 door sensor was easy to add as a secure device, in Paper UI, or in Habmin i can see the “secure” flag.
After the 5 sensors i tried to add the FGR 222 roller shutters as a secure device.
first of all, i reseted the devices (pushing the B button until yellow, after that pushing again) and i searched for new devices. The new device was visible, but only in “not secure” mode
Do you have an experience how to add the FGRs as a secure device? I read the full documentation of the devices, but i cant find an information about it.
Thanks for your help in advance!

It does not support secure inclusion.

Thanks for the answer. Are you 100% sure? i learned that the “Fibaro roller Shutter 2” ( i think that is the FGR222) is supporting the secure inclusion.

No. But I did not find any information about security support, not even on the Fibaro webpage.


good question where…im sure that was a blog or a forum somewhere… i cant find the source. what is your proposal, to keep or to sell the devices as “used” ? how important is that security stuff?

Please read the Security section on the wiki:

Of course keep them! I have never even thought about including my devices securely …

Here we go:

Have a look in the XML file that the device produces - this will tell you if it supports the security command class.