FGRGBW-442 working example

someone can provide a test common use for the fibaro FGRGBW-442, actually I have this:

Dimmer  SalaTv_RGBW_All   	{channel = "zwave:device:180f949d70:node4:switch_dimmer"}
Color   SalaTv_RGBW_RGB   	{channel = "zwave:device:180f949d70:node4:color_color1",    autoupdate="false"}
Dimmer  SalaTv_RGBW_W     	{channel = "zwave:device:180f949d70:node4:switch_dimmer5",  autoupdate="false"}
Number  SalaTv_RGBW_Scene	{channel = "zwave:device:180f949d70:node4:config_decimal_param157"}


		Text label="Test" icon="flowpipe" {
			Default item=SalaTv_RGBW_All label="Total"
			Default item=SalaTv_RGBW_W label="Dimmer white"
	        Default item=SalaTv_RGBW_RGB label="Color" icon="colorlight"
			Selection item=SalaTv_RGBW_Scene icon="rgb" mappings=[0="Off", 6="Fireplace", 7="Storm", 8="Rainbow", 9="Aurora", 10="Police"] label="Scena"

What am I doing wrong? Items got updated wrong (cause of delay of dimmer) and to open white light I have to dimmer off the color, is there some additional configuration or have I to do some rules?