FGS-223 Double switch, recognised but no input or output

Hi all,
This is my first post and I am quite new to the OH environment.

I have managed to get OH2 set-up on a Raspberry Pi with the RaZberry serial board.
With Z-Way server I can control my first Z wave device, a Fibaro Double switch FGS 223.

I have then disabled the Z-Way service (this and OH2 will conflict in accessing the serial port) and started up OH2. I added the Z-Wave binding and then the serial controller.
I was then greeted by a nice Fibaro in my inbox.
I have been trying various iterations of “things” since then. I have even deleted and re-introduced the device ( it appears in the inbox instantly when searched)
No matter what I try I cannot operate the attached lights.
The device shows as online, the serial controller packet count goes up when a command is sent but no action at the lights.
The item / thing does not see the current state of the light either.

Can anyone point me in the direction of what I need to do next? or what do I need to upload here for someone to assist me?
I assume logs, but how much of a log? what is relevant? Do I just paste it into the posting in the forum?

Thanks for helping out this Newbie,

any pointers?

Solved, the Fibaro DoubleSwitch was not fully removing from the Z wave network.
I hard reset the device (power off at fuse then button B until yellow LED) and then powered down. On power up the device showed red LED, not paired.
Pairing again with the latest version of OH2 (no Z-Way this time) and the device now operates.

Next challenge, it is not reading status… but thats for another post.