FGS213 Single Switch 2 & Rule

Hello I am still on 2.5.11-1/on a Pi and a HW Fibaro Switch 2 issue.

Switching the Lamp On/Off with the old Toggle Switch is working ok. Now I have a motion sensor and a rule to turn the light on at motion. This also works… BUT if I am in the room and the sensor detects motion again the light will turn off. I don’t know exactly why because the rule is sending an ON command.

Here the rule with now a workaround to send ON only if light is off.

rule "Waschkuechenlicht AN"
    Item AlarmMotion30 changed to ON

if(LightWaschkueche.state == OFF) {
   sendCommand(LightWaschkueche, ON)

Does anybody have a hint why the Fibaro Switch is acting like that?


May we see your events.log for the situation? There doesn’t seem to be anything commanding OFF in what you’ve shown us so far.
No expire setting in use? If you are secretly using expire, bear in mind your rule won’t send a command to restart the expire timer if already ON.