FGS223 association not working

Hello all, I have a problem with my OH setup that I can’t seem to be able to crack: I have a FGS223 (Fibaro 2-channel switch, node 21). I use S1 input to directly control the light attached to it. I want to use S2 input to control another device (ZW096 smart switch by aeotec; node 25).

On node 21 I have set association group “4: On/Off S2” to point to Node 25 and I expected that now S2 will control switch on node 25. Problem is that it isn’t working.

Note that I can see the status of node21 S2 in the controller (paper ui, …) and I can also control node 25 switch from the controller.

I have also tried to associate the switch with another switch (another FGS223) in my home, with the same result - node21 S2 doesn’t switch this other switch.

At this moment I’m quite lost as to what could possibly be wrong or how I can diagnose the problem. Any suggestions anyone?

Running OH 2.4.0.

Issues with node to node associations are hard to debug since the controller and binding are not involved. I don’t have this device so I’m not able to offer much else.

As an alternative (and you’ve probably already thought of this), you could try writing an openHAB rule that controls node 25 when node 21 S2 is changed.

That sounds like a good plan B. I have tried to link both switches to the same item, but that didn’t work as expected - I suppose this is a better approach which I will take if everything else fails. Still, I would really prefer to do it the right way.