FGS223 can you control the switches independently in Openhab

I have a ZWN-RSM2 Smart Dual Relay Switch Module which I am using to control dual switch. Tjhe problem is it does not work well with Openhab. I can turn on all or none. Does the FGS223 work well as independent switches?

I gues you are using zwave. According to
it’s fully supported.
Check if the parameters are set correct (10-20).
Or you provide more details and logs.

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The Z-Wave ZWN-RSM2 Smart Dual Relay Switch Module does not function were both switches work independently. I believe I saw it stated somewhere by @chris that this would be the case. I am trying to find out if anyone has experience with the FGS223 module, to see if it has the same issue.

i have this one and it works well

Be sure whatever Z-Wave device you get is for your region of the world.

I’ve this device. It works in openhab as 2 switches but also with manual switches.

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