FGSS001 Unknown command class 0x91

I have two Fibaro FGSS001 smoke sensors. They have booth be running well until a re-install of OpenHAB 2.3.
Now I’m getting Unknown command class 0x91 warning messages in the log for only one of them.

What have I done so far:
Deleted the device from PaperUI, deleting the associated XML file. Then adding the thing from the inbox again. While in inbox the FGSS001 was listed as an unknown device, after adding as a thing the device was fulling recognized as a FGSS001.
That made no difference at all.

Then I removed and re-added the device from the zwave network. Again it appeared in the inbox as an unknown device and after adding it it was recognized.
Apart from a new nodenumber no change (i.e. still getting the same warning.)


I’m not sure what is causing it on one and not the other, but you can just ignore this. It is proprietary Fibaro information being sent in this packet.

I should add that the binding only logs these as debug messages, so probably you are using an older binding, and updating will eliminate this issue.

Karaf reports v2.3.0 for the Zwave binding.
Is there a newer available?

Yes, there are various versions of 2.4 available - either the snapshot version, or the milestone releases. 2.3 is a few months old…

It’s no problem though - you can stick with 2.3 and just ignore the logging as mentioned.