FGSS101 lost its channels

Hi, my smoke sensor (that has been working fine) has now lost it’s channels.
I’m not sure when this happened since there has been a few reconfiguration turns following the snapshot path :wink:
Everything else seems fine, I have
"Description, Properties, Configuration Parameters, Device Configuration, Wakeup Configuration , Attributes"
But no channels?
Tried remove and add again, and keept it awake.
Any clue?
Thanks in advance

It looks like there’s an overlap between the FGSS001, and the FGSS101 - I’ve just removed the 101 from the database so the next version should be back to how it was from when this changed 3 weeks back.


I still have the problem that they my smoke sensors are recognised as FGSS101 without any channels.
My installation is a fresh openhabian from 2 days ago, and did an apt-get upgrade this morning.

any ideas?


The old XML file still seems to be in the binding - I’ll do an update shortly.