FGWP101 with ID 0602:1001 not any longer detected since 2.5.9-SNAPSHOT #212

I have about 60 Z-Wave devices running flawlessly and about 10 Fibaro FFGWP101 Metered Wall Plug Switches. They have different firmware versions but they have been detected correctly up to 2.5.9 Snapshot patch 212 .
They show up in Habmin this way:

and their properties are shown this way:

As these are mains powered devices their should not be a problem with waking up, also I have them severakl time disabled and re-.enabled but nothing helps.

The Z-.Wave database shows them available but for any reason they cannot be included and operated.Only 3 of my wall plugs show this problem I have another 6 with fdifferent versions which are still working without any problems.

There seems to be something wrong with the database export, there are files missing on github:

@chris, the FGWP102 definitions are gone on github …

I’ll take a look at the database - possibly it has change awaiting review.

I’ve updated the database - I’ll do a binding update tonight or tomorrow…

Thanx a lot to you for fast fixing!

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