FHT80b and FS20 devices still supported?

I am still running FHT80b radiator thermostats and a few FS20 things which still work well. But my FHEM-System needs to be upgraded (still running Raspi 1 which starts beeing unstable).

Are those old devices still supported in openHAB? Search tells me they where last mentions years ago.


I use some FHT80B radiator valve controllers, they’re supported up to v2.5. I use them on with a VM running v2.5 and then use the remoteopenhab binding to transfer valve aperture, setpoint and temperature to my OH3.4 VM.

At some point I’m going to need to investigate replacements for the FHT80B since they stopped being manufactured several years ago. I will be sad when they start to break because they work so well for me.

FHT80b has great support with this binding: