Fibar Group Keyfob : FGKF-601 (no node.xml)


I am struggeling with this keyfob. It will not initialize, and no node.xml get generated. Also I can se a java exception in the logfile. Im using the experimenal z-wave binding (

I do not know where to go from here. If anybody could give me any pointer I’d appreatiate it.

The keyfob is coming in as node5 in the logs, but no xml is appearing in userdata/zwave/

And if I press any keys on the keyfob … nothing happens in the openhab.log file …

Enclosing a logfile.

openhab2.log-fgkf-601.txt.xml (391.9 KB)

Thank you

Hi @Baltazar72,

Have you try to wake up the Keyfob close to your zwave controller ?

No, I did not …

But doing that solved it …
Thank you for reminding me to RTFM !! :smiley:

Best Regards

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Does your keyfob work ok now with OpenHAB, I get 2 channels: Scene number and battery, and these never change regardless wich button is pressed on the fob.


Yes it does.
Scene numbers 1.0 to 6.0 and battery. Although battery does not show in all
gui’s eg not in Android ( where I am now)
Trick I found to be good, was set inclusion time to 60 sec, and wake the
key fob up several times immediately after inclusion. Then delete it, and
I currently use the experimental binding which supports security and
snapshot 2.1

Clarification … It’s 2 channels. Scene and battery. The scene channel
changes from 1.0 to 6.0… :slight_smile:


Thanks, I got it to work with your tip.


what OH2 snapshot # do you use? I’m strugling to get it work, I can add it as a thing but it is device uknown" with no options at all."

Build #858
openhab> system:version
I use the experiemental binding … Not sure about version on that one :slight_smile:feature:info openhab-binding-zwave
Feature openhab-binding-zwave 2.1.0.SNAPSHOT
Z-Wave Binding
Feature has no configuration
Feature has no configuration files
Feature depends on:
openhab-runtime-base 0.0.0
openhab-transport-serial 0.0.0
Feature contains followed bundles:
mvn:org.openhab.binding/org.openhab.binding.zwave/2.1.0-SNAPSHOT start-level=80
Feature has no conditionals.


I think that the most important part is to wake the device several times close to the controller.


Have you guys manage to enable the key lock pattern?

I configure it via habmin but the fob never goes to the lock mode…

Ok, it looks like i can’t configure any type of patterns neither for the scenes nor for locking the device.

Any help would be appreciated.

hm,…i’m happy owner of the KeyFOB since today…on OH1.83 with Binding 1.11 Snapshot but the RemoteControl is not recognized by the system…only named "Fibaro Systems ID:1000 Type 1001). Also i cannot see any configuration items…so its empty.

Any Idea? I already woke up the keyfob several times…nothing…i’m rather close to the controller…about 3 meters.

Upgrade to 2.1. I had the same issues with OH1.9, and logged a ticket - but rightly so, cd-jackson doesn’t want to spend time working on the zwave database for older versions of OH. I upgraded and still have issue with OH2.1, so have just updated the database with the new device id. So hoping this will be fixed for me soon.

If someone wants to create a PR for the database, then it’s fine to add it to OH1 of course :wink:

For me, it’s working fine in OH2, out of the box…

I just can’t get the locking method to work. :blush:
What I’ve done so far:

  1. Through HABmin, I’ve put parameter 1 to 54 (= 2 times button X)
  2. Parameter 2 to 1546 (= 10 seconds and button X).
  3. HABmin is now ‘waiting’
  4. I wake up the device (button 0 and X)
  5. The status HABmin ‘waiting’ goes away (after refresh browser)

But no luck, the locking scene isn’t working.

ps The guy that sold me this told me that he did succesfully configured on a demo device the lock function through the ‘fibaro home center’. So he thought the problem could be in the configuration way? So before we start to debug: did anybody got this lock config working?

For reference, my items, rules…
And with following item&rule:


Number  Sch_Remote  "Remote 1"  <contact>  { channel="zwave:device:30038385:nod
e91:scene_number" }
Number  Sch_Remote_Bat    "Remote 1 [%s %%]"   <battery>     (ALL_bat,)     { channel="zwave:device:30038385:nod
e91:battery-level" }


rule "remote"
                Item Sch_Remote received update
                if (Sch_Remote.state == 1.0) {
                        logInfo("Remotes", "Remote nr 1 push")
                       sendCommand( Light1, ON )
                       sendCommand( Light1, OFF )
                if (Sch_Remote.state == 2.0) {
                        logInfo("Remotes", "Remote nr 2 push")

Locking method? You mean locking “something” based on a keypress? For example, I did mine like this:


/* Key fob */
Number          keyFobKeyScene                  "Keyfob Button"                      <button>                                    { channel="zwave:device:fbcf2efa:node9:scene_number" }
Number          keyFobKeyBattery                "Keyfob Battery [%d %%]"             <battery>                                   { channel="zwave:device:fbcf2efa:node9:battery-level" }


rule "Keyfob button press"
	Item keyFobKeyScene changed
	logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob button press detected")
	switch (keyFobKeyScene.state) {
		case 1.0: {
            sendCommand(doWhatEverForSceneOne, ON)
			logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob 1 pressed")
		case 2.0:
			logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob 2 pressed")
		case 3.0:
			logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob 3 pressed")
		case 4.0:
			logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob 4 pressed")
		case 5.0:
			logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob 5 pressed")
		case 6.0:
			logInfo("keyfob", "Keyfob 6 pressed")
			logInfo("keyfob", "Other combination: " + keyFobKeyScene.state)

Alter or add to the case statements to, for example, 1.2 = “key 1 pressed and held” and 1.1 = “key 1 released” etc.

The keyfob can’t be configured to avoid unwanted key press.
You need to push a certain key combination before the actual key push will be forwarded to the zwave network.
For this, you need to put parameter 1 to a certain value (in my example 54).
But when I try to configure this parameter, it’s like the keyfob doesn’t pick up the value from openhab.


I was able to include the KeyFob and define the channels. I’m receiving battery updates, but not the button clicks (scene ids). I did several wakeups, but no change. Pressing a button is not reported to openhab even the led didn’t blink. Any idea?

using 2.1-SNAPSHOT buld 1033

Best regards, Markus

2.1 stable shows the same behaviour: I see the wakeup in the logs, OH shows the battery state, but when pressing a key everything stays silent. It feels like the knob is in locking mode, but parameter 1,2 have been set to 0/0 (default was 0/60)