Fibaro Carbon Monoxide Sensor FGCD001 showing no CO value

I am using a Fibaro Carbon Monoxide Sensor FGCD001. Everything is working fine and openHAB recognized the device correctly. However, the only channel that seems not to work properly is the Carbon Monoxide Sensor. I am not able to receive any CO value.

I am running the openHAB snapshot version:

openHAB 2.2.0~20171111035519-1 (Build #1078)

Maybe it’s nothing there to report?

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Is the anyone out there how got this running?
I just reveived my Fibaro CO and face the same issue.

Regarding to the z-wave description of the sensor it looks like that co_sensor only reports a value on BASIC_ON.

4th Association Group – CO Level is assigned to measured CO level – devices in this group will be switched on/off after exceeding the level of CO concentration specified in parameter 14.

I find it quite confusing that this value can (has to be?) set in parameter 16:

  1. Value of BASIC ON command sent to 4th association group
    This parameter defines the value of BASIC ON command sent to devices in 4th association group after exceeding the CO level set in parameter 14 through the time set in parameter 15.

Available settings:
0-99 or 255
Default setting: 255 (turn on)
Parameter size: 2 [bytes]

I will try to trigger a parameter 14 level and check what will be reported.

What are your experiences about this?