Fibaro CO Sensor FGCD-001 showing as Unknown Device

Has anyone had problems adding a Fibaro CO Sensor FGCD-001 using OpenHab 3?

I had tried over the last three days to add it however it keeps showing this as an Unknown Device. As far as I know it should be supported in OpenHab 3? I have removed it from the Z Wave Controller, Reset the device back to factory settings. Every time it finds it, adds it but only then shows it as an Unknown Device and no channels are then listed. I have tried to wake up the device a number of times but no luck at all. I even tried to reinitialise the device, Heal it etc. Removed it, added it from scratch again but does not want to play ball at all!!

Z Wave Binding v3.2.0
OpenHab 3.2.0

There is device like that in the zwave DB. However, sometimes the TYPE:ID is changed. What do you have on the thing properties drop down?

Edit: two more questions. You are using a 500 chip zstick? Do you have 5 lines on the device UI page at the bottom?

If not 5 lines you need to wake until you get 5. Also OH 3.3 has significant battery device initialization improvements FYI

0x1201:0x4001: Russia
0x1201:0x7001: Israel
0x1201:0x6001: India
0x1201:0x9001: Hong Kong
0x1201:0x8001: China
0x1201:0x1001: Australia / New Zealand, CEPT (Europe)
0x1201:0x1000: CEPT (Europe)

… according to . However, please note that the Z-Wave frequencies for AUS/NZ and CEPT are different.

here we go.

Yes I have 5 lines on the device UI page.

Your device:
0x1201:0x1002 - AFAICT not in the database of certified Z-Wave devices.

Next steps:
Compare your device to OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database.

If they don’t differ, add 0x1201:0x1002 (your device) to OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database.
If there are differences, add your device as a new device.

Just follow the instructions in the Z-Wave database ‘manual’.


sorry I am new to this process so apologies for being a numpty. I checked and the devices appear to be the same so I updated the Type field to include my device as shown in this link.

Is this correct? Or is there something else I should be doing?

many thanks for your help btw.

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That should do it. Will have to wait until the next update though to try.

ok cheers that was what I was wondering. How often do the updates occur? and does this mean updating the Z wave binding within OH?

Edit: I was posting to a different thread- Sorry

The next update will be before the end of the year and yes it does mean a zwave binding update