Fibaro Dimmer 2 + association groups

I have an OH2 setup with a couple of Fibaro devices works pretty well now after some initial setup issues. Sometimes I can see the bindings in the Habmin UI, even after restarting OH2, sometimes they does not seem to “take” (i.e. they are lost when the UI refreshes). Nonetheless, pressing a button does not trigger the associated device. I tried both the Dimmer 2 and the 2x Relay switch.

I recently added a Wall Plug that I want to control using the S2 switch on the Fibaro Dimmer 2. I can, however, not get the association function to work with any Fibaro device. I try to add the devices to the supposedly correct groups, but nothing happens.

(I also tried this using the Z-way software and there it works, but Z-way support for the Dimmer is flaky and requires a lot of trial and error, e.g. it sometimes only “sees” the association groups for S1, not S2, sometimes the other way around, and it doesn’t show all associations. The OH2 z-wave binding does a better job of mapping the capabilities of the Dimmer 2).

Another problem is that when I set the bindings in Z-way (even on the Relay Switch, which works in Z-way), I cannot see these bindings in habmin2. They sometimes show the old bindings that I tried to set from Habmin before trying z-way.

Are there known issues with association support in Habmin2 or the z-wave binding or have I made a fundamental setup mistake?

What do you mean by “bindings”? Do you mean the associations, or something else?

I don’t believe there are any issues - at least none that I know of. As far as I know this should work fine. If you can get a debug log of the period that you’re setting the associations I’ll take a look.

Hi again. I was travelling, so I am sorry that I have not been able to try anything out and update until now. I gave it another shot and I think I solved it. It seems I either totally misunderstood the Habmin UI (most likely) or both OpenHab2 and Z-way interpret the association groups wrong on this device (not entirely unlikely I suppose as there appears to be three firmware/hardware revisions of this device each with a different set of association groups). There seems to be associations that can be made that are not visible in neither OH2 nor the Z-way “expert” UI. By manually typing in association group IDs and node IDs into the “Expert commands” section of Z-way I was able to restore the original function and then make associations work again. I think the problem was that I was able to create these “hidden” associations in the first place, but that could very well have been done in Z-way (I have no way to tell as I was fiddling around way too much). Once I cleared all associations manually and added the correct ones back they now work. I can see them in OH2 but I have not dared touching them.

A little more detail: It seems the Dimmer 2 has five association groups, but they are not all visible in OH2 for some reason. It looks like some association groups are in conflict with one another (the observed issue was: When I pressed S1, it controlled other Z-wave devices -not the correct ones, but ones I might have been fiddling with previously- even if S1 was not shown to be associated in the UI, while S2 did not work even though it had an association in the UI). Removing the S1 associations manually made both S1 and S2 work as expected.

The reason I tried Z-way in the first place is that I was unable to get the device interviewed completely (a known issue with the Dimmer 2 and the RaZberry), and Z-way’s expert UI helped me solve that issue.

I’m planning on adding a second Dimmer 2 soon. I will try to record more carefully the steps I take and if there are any issues, record the logs (I am currently not persisting any logs as I run from an SD card).

I seam to be having this exact same problem. I can control the Dimmer 2 using OH2 but if I manually click the S1 or S2 button it wont change the status in OH2. The status will eventual update after the polling period though.

I have also found that if I update the configurations they will update but once OH2 restarts the configurations once again display the default values. I also cannot get the scene ID to display even when its enabled in configurations.

I believe it has something to do with the association groups as you mentioned. Do you have any additional info on how you got it working or does anyone else know how to resolve this problem.

Just an update, I solved the problem that I was having. I removed the Dimmer 2 from openHAB then removed/excluded it from my Aeotec Z-Wave USB Z-Stick. I then had problem adding/including it back onto the Z-Stick and had to included/excluded it a few times before I could correctly discover it in openHAB. Once discovered though the Dimmer 2 started functioning as it should.