Fibaro Dimmer 2 associations


I don’t think this is an OpenHab question directly, but you guys are the most Z-Wave friendly bunch I know…

I have a Fibaro Dimmer 2 connected to a traditional light switch (not momentary, etc.) on S1. This works fine. I’m trying to use associations to get a couple of lamps (on TKB TZ68 plugin switches) to follow the state of the main lights. The lamps work fine in their own right. I realise that the lights are dimmable and the lamps are not, but I’m using association group 2 which should just send ON/OFF commands based on the S1 input.

I’ve set:

  • 21 (Value sent to associated devices on single click) to “Dimmer 2 state synchronizes brightness level”
  • 24 (Command frames sent in 2nd and 3rd assoc group) to “all actions send to association groups”
  • 27 (Associations in Z-Wave network security mode) to “all groups (II-V) sent as non-secure”

I’m pretty sure this is set up right. I can see the associations in group 2 in OH, both in PaperUI and Habmin. (I’m aware that there are occasional rendering errors on the UI). I’ve reinitialised the dimmer and put the logs through @chris’s log viewer, and it seems that the associations are set correctly.

However… when I operate the lights from the switch, the lamps don’t react at all.

I’m using OH 2.4.0 Build #1454.

Any suggestions on where to look next?

I’m just guessing, but that is really guessing, that the issue is related to the different command structures/data types that a switch and a dimmer use. A switch is an OnOffType item in OpenHAB, and something similar in the internal communication within the Z-wave network. A dimmer is a PercentageType item in OpenHAB, and thus also something similar in the Z-wave network.

Does the dimmer have an option to send on-off commands to the associated devices?

Edit: Just quickly checked the dimmer 2 manual, you should use the 2nd or 4th association group, on/off type.

Yes, association group 2 is supposed to just send on/off. Group 3 will send the multilevel (dimmer) commands.