Fibaro Dimmer 2 dimming unbalanced on slider

I have a Fibaro Dimmer 2 installed and the slider for dimming it is unbalanced. 50% is more like 80% and 5% is more like 20%
Is there a config parameter that might need adjusting?

There’s parameters 1 to 4 to control that, see page 22 and on.

Ok I am still getting my head around everything and am still new at this. I am using LEDs so I’m assuming it’s param 1 and 2

I had tried setting max to something low like 40 I expected this to set the brightest level of 40 but it seemed to do nothing

Can you explain what you think I should set these to?

I, too, would expect that to work.
Check out params 14, 30, 31, 32, 33.
Perform a calibration run by setting param 13.

yep have forced a calibration - this changed values 1 and 2 to 4 and 84 but seems to not make a difference.

I thought that changing from trailing to leading edge (dimmer and LEDS support both) the balance came good, hoever going back and trying this tonite it seems to make no difference.

Is there an “initialization” I need to do to apply any of the settings from habmin? (ive tried a reboot of the server but no difference)

No. If you want to make sure the device ‘ate’ the settings, enable & check zwave logging in openhab.log.

If the background of the settings box goes white, then it’s been acked by the device - if it stays yellow, then it’s still pending.

OK thanks - not sure what to do next with these lights now.

Well, now that you mention it’s actually LEDs, it becomes clearer.
It’s a conceptually bad idea to use a trailing/leading edge dimmer (meant to dim incandescant, linearly-behaving lights) to dim LEDs because of the non-linear behavior all LEDs expose. I admit I have the same setup in one place, and the same problem as you do.
The ‘right’ way would be to dispose of the dimmer and connect the LEDs to a Fibaro FGRGBW or Qubino device to use PWM dimming (but you need to be able to put it between transformator and LEDs for this to work).
Oh, it might help a little to add the Fibaro bypass. But in the end, it’s the concept, so for the better solution, see above.

they are 240v LED with hard wired transformer which supports trailing edge and leading edge

Well, then. Same reason why I have this setup. Your and my transformer likely don’t compensate for the non-linear behavior. You would need to wire the LEDs to a PWM dimmer to get the expected behavior.

My brother has these same LEDs but uses a fibaro 1 which, once tweaking paramater 20 they dim to nearly 1% so I know the LEDS and their transformers can do it