Fibaro dimmer 2 (fgd-212)

I’m running openHAB 1.7.1 installed with apt and today I received the new fibaro dimmer 2. I saw some commit on github for this device but I think this commit are not in the stable version.
Is it possible to upgrade to an unstable versio using apt ?

All you need is to grab the addons bundle from here:

Unzip and copy the Zwave binding .jar into the addons folder. Do not forget to remove the old zwave binding file so you do not end up with two zwave bindings

But If I want to use the master version, can I find the binary on bintray or do I need to download the source code and compile myself ? All I need is to user the current muster version of the zwave binding.


I’m not sure about using apt, but you can download the latest build from Cloudbees. As @thucar mentions above, just download the addons zip file, extract the zwave JAR, and copy it over the existing zwave file in your addons folder. You don’t need to compile anything.


Thanx that’s was I was looking for.
I downloaded z-wave binding 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT from Cloudbees and replaced the 1.7.1 jar.
Today I will try to add the Fibaro Dimmer 2 to my setup

Hi @nothingman

did you solve your problem? I am having great problems with my Fibaro dimmer 2 in openahab (1.7.1 installen from apt). The controller is a razberry mounted on a rasperry pi mod B+, and I can control the dimmer level fine using the 11.0 dimmer in the z-way-server GUI. (See attached images).
The 11.1 dimmer does not seem to do anything useful.

However, in openHAB, I cannot get it to work (and also, I get no power meter values).
The z-wave bindung I am using is 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT from october 2nd.

If you got it to work, please post the item setup you are using.


Sorry late reply… I was not able to install dimmer 2 with my three way light switch… It’s still in the box unused… :frowning:

I am using the Dimmer with 1.8-zwave-binding and it is working perfectly fine.

Hi. I am having the same issue. Did you manage to solve it?

That’s my items for the dimmer2:

Dimmer OG_Flur_Dimmer “OG Flur Dimmer [%d %%]” (OG_Flur,ZufallsLicht) { zwave=“19:command=switch_multilevel,refresh_interval=10” }
Switch OG_Flur_Switch “OG Flur Switch” { zwave=“19:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL” }
Number OG_Flur_Dimmer_Power “OG Flur Dimmer aktuelle Leistungsaufnahme [%.1f Watt]” (OG_Flur) { zwave=“19:1:command=sensor_multilevel” }
Number OG_Flur_Dimmer_Energieverbrauch “OG Flur Dimmer Energieverbrauch [%.2f KW / Stunde]” (OG_Flur) { zwave=“19:1:command=meter” }

i have two of them works fine. Only the refresh_interval on the item “dimmer” is usefull when the dimmer i set to ON/OFF with a local switch. so after 10 sec. OH recognizet the new dimmer state.

See too: Z-wave-Binding-Examples