Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD212 S2 Readout not working

(Sascha_S) #1

Hey guys. The Fibaro Dimmer 2 is driving me nuts.
My desired Setup:
One FGD212 is in the Bathrom controlling the lights there.
A second FGD212 is installed in the Bedroom, controlling thebedroom lights. WIth S2 on that Dimmer I want to be able to also control the Bathroom Dimmer. That works somewhat well with Associations but I want to integrate them all in openhab.
I also own a Switch 2 and all readouts work perfectly there - When use the Wall switch the log happily returns:

2018-02-11 23:49:09.723 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'wz_switch2_switch2' received command ON

But that does not happen with S2 on my Dimmer. What am I doing wrong? I tried nearly everything.
I installed the FGD212 via Thing search and then manually added an .items file.
These are my items for the Dimmer:

////Dimmer SZ
Dimmer sz_dimmer2_dimmer   "Dimmer"                 (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:switch_dimmer"}
Switch sz_dimmer2_switch   "Dimmer An/Aus"          (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:switch_dimmer"}

Dimmer sz_dimmer2_dimmer1  "Dimmer 1"               (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:switch_dimmer1"}
Switch sz_dimmer2_switch1  "Switch 1"               (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:switch_dimmer1"}

Switch sz_dimmer2_switch2  "Switch 2"               (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:switch_dimmer2"}
Dimmer sz_dimmer2_dimmer2  "Dimmer2"                (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:switch_dimmer2"}

Number sz_dimmer2_scene    "Scene Number"           (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:scene_number"}
Number sz_dimmer2_sensor   "Sensor"                 (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:sensor_power"}
Number sz_dimmer2_sensor1  "Sensor 1"               (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:sensor_power1"}
Number sz_dimmer2_kwh      "Verbrauch in KwH"       (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:meter_kwh"}
Number sz_dimmer2_watts    "Leistung in Watt"       (Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:meter_watts"}
Switch sz_dimmer2_reset    "Verbrauch zurückzestzen"(Schlafzimmer)      {channel="zwave:device:zwave_usb:node8:meter_reset"}

Log File only returns the following when I press S1 Wall switch:

2018-02-11 23:15:30.985 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - sz_dimmer2_scene changed from 26 to 16

I would prefer it to state

sz_dimmer2_switch2 received command ON 

or something similar. When I use the switch on my Sitemap the update is working. but then with associations the Bathroom lights will not turn on. . .
I don’t feel like using the scene selection in a rule.
Do you guys have any idea??

(SiHui) #2

With associations you are not able to control the device via openHAB independently, with catching the scene numbers your are able to trigger rules to have full control via openHAB.
I doubt there is another way to do it.

One option could be to use a map transformation and map ON to a scene number and OFF to another scene number. But then you only have to two triggers available while the FGD212 supports a lot more:
SCENE ID value sent at specified configuration:
Momentary switches
SCENE ID: S1 input SCENE ID: S2 input
16 : 1 x click
14 : 2 x click
– : 3 x click
12 : hold
13 : release 26 : 1 x click
24 : 2 x click
25 : 3 x click
22 : hold
23 : release
Toggle switches
SCENE ID: S1 input SCENE ID: S2 input
10 : OFF to ON
11 : ON to OFF
14 : 2 x click
– : 3 x click 20 : OFF to ON
21 : ON to OFF
24 : 2 x click
25 : 3 x click
Roller blinds switches
SCENE ID: S1 input SCENE ID: S2 input
10 : turn ON (1 x click)
13 : release
14 : 2 x click
– : 3 x click
17 : brightening 11 : turn OFF (1 x click)
13 : release
14 : 2 x click
15 : 3 x click
18 : dimming

(Sascha_S) #3

I was afraid that scenes would be the only way.
It is strange because with the bathroom dimmer your way worked really well - assigning both a dimmer and a switch item to the dimmer channel. But that probably only works with S1. Sadly…

(SiHui) #4

The scene id’s also work for S2 on the FGD212 …