Fibaro Dimmer 2 has not been fully discovered

hey everybody,
i have around 15 fibaro dimmer 2 and they all work perfect.
However the online shop send me two fibaro dimmer 2 with the label “uk ca” on it (thats the only difference i can see) and these dimmers cant be fully discovered by the binding. They’re only shown as “Z-Wave Node 0XX (010F:0102:1001:3.5)”.
In this case is it possible to update the Zwave DB in OH3.2 and future versions? I’m currently using OH3.2.

If you need further data, let me know

Your dimmer is already in the opensmarthouse database: OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database
And is has been there since OH 2.3. Maybe ist was missed (not exported from the database to the binding) when the OH version you use was built. You may either upgrade your OH installation or use a later version of the binding by dropping it into the addons folder. There is advice to be found in the forum for that.

Thank you for your reply. As I described I am using OH3.2 and 15 of 17 devices discovered as expected. So there must be difference between these 2 devices and the 15 others. The thing i can see, is the Label “ca uk” on it.

What i have tested so far:

  • Fully deletion and new discover in OH3.2, the result is always the same - “device could not fully discovered”
  • Connected to Fibaro HC3 Lite, Dimmer is fully discovered and works as aspected

The two dimmers obviously can communicate with the controller, otherwise the inclusion would have failed and the xml could not have been produced.

I fully agree that there is a difference between your first 15 dimmers and the new ones. From a binding perspective the label “ca uk” is not “visible” as the binding identifies the device by manufacturer ID, Device Type, Device ID and Firmware version. You’ve documented these as

And as far as I see it, this combination is present in the database (your 15 older dimmers most likely have a different combination for these). Thats the reason I suggested a newer (snapshot) version of the binding.

ZWave operates on different frequencies in different continents; essentially USA and Rest of the World. The markings uk / ca probably indicate that those ones (at least) are non USA models. So perhaps your other devices ARE models for USA??

Hmm i dont think so. I’m living in germany and the other dimmer are EU versions.

You are probably right, since actually a ‘ca’ model would use the North America frequency, and a ‘uk’ model would use the Europe frequency.

I have the same problem. My new Fibaro Dimmer 2 is z-wave 3.5 and has a device ID 0x1001 where the previous Dimmer 2 had a Device ID 0x1000. Is it possible to get the new version added to the database?

I’ve just checked the database at OpenSmarthouse and the new version seems to be in the database, maybe it is a problem with my version of openhab updating, I seem to be stuck on version 3.1. I will look into it.

I have managed to update openhab to 3.3M5 which has resolved this issue.

Thank you for your testing and the solution :). Till now, i was not able to migrate to 3.3m5.