Fibaro dimmer - how to read back the settings?

I have Fibaro RGBW controller. I am able to control all the channels. Today I connected a mechanical switch to control the white channel. It does what is expected, but after the adjustment the % value in openHap remains unchanged. What should I change in order to be able to read back the % value changed by the manual switch? It seems that the Kids_RGBWControllerW does not get an update on change.

Binding is simmilar to the one presented on this forum.

Group   G_Kids_RGBW   "Kids RGBW"
Number  RGBW_Dzieci_Programs   "Programs" { zwave="39:command=CONFIGURATION, parameter=72" }
Dimmer  Kids_RGBWControllerAll   "All [%d %%]" (G_Kids_RGBW)  { zwave="39:1" }
//Dimmer  Kids_RGBWControllerALL_Status    "All [%d %%]" (G_Kids_RGBW,Lampy)  { zwave="39:0" }
Color   Kids_RGBW    "Kids RGBW"  (G_Kids_RGBW)
Dimmer  Kids_RGBWControllerR "RGBW Light Red [%d %%]"    { zwave="39:2" }
Dimmer  Kids_RGBWControllerG "RGBW Light Green [%d %%]"  { zwave="39:3" }
Dimmer  Kids_RGBWControllerB "RGBW Light Blue [%d %%]"   { zwave="39:4" }
//white   Kids_RGBW    "RGBW Licht Warm Wit"   (G_Dzieci_RGBW,Lampy)
Dimmer  Kids_RGBWControllerW "RGBW Light White [%d %%]"  { zwave="39:5" }