Fibaro Dimmer less bright possible than in autocalibration was set?

I own the Fibaro Dimmer FGD212, the autocalibration was finished nearly fine.

Before I use the new Fibaro-Dimmer I have a normal (electrical) dimmer, with this my (LED) lamp was less bright in the minimum level (also without flickering).

“Minimimum brightness level” is already set to “1”, but how is it possible to dim the lamp more?
Can I start a “Manual” calibration" to make the minimum brightnes level from LED lamp less again??

Hi Martin!

I have got the same problem but currently no solution.

I also reduced the minimum brightness by myself and think this had a small effect but it is furthermore much brighter than before with the hardware dimmer.

Since I am already in contact with the Fibaro support, I will place the question there and give you some information as soon as I will get a response.

I also recognized that the brightness levels are not reset to the values that were determined by the Fibaro device during initial calibration, if I changed them manually and do a new calibration afterwards. Did you also try this?

I just found others with the same problem:

#Fibaro Dimmer 2 - Minimum setting too bright

Hi Martin!

The Fibaro support is excellent and fast: I wrote today and get the response immediately:

Dimmer 2 is calibrating to the load and trying set 2 points:
a) maximum brightness
b) minimum brightness

Now everything depends on “configuration” of your electrical installation and how LED drive will behave with dimmer 2.

There are 2 things that you could do:
a) You can try to lower the parameter 1(minimum brightness), it may work, but you shouldn’t increase parameter 2 (maximum brightness)

b) Second option is changing the parameter 30. Load control mode.
Sometimes some of bulbs works better with trailing edge control sometimes with leading edge.

c) As last thing to do you can turn off “Brightness level correction for flickering loads” functionality (parameter 38).

I hope one of the suggestions appears to be helpful.

I will check the options and give feedback as soon as I have some.

No, I can’t confirm this.

What I have done is remove 4 (of the five) LED bulbs from my overheads light and do a calibration.
After calibration I put in the four bulbs again. Now the minimal brightness is a little bit lower (power splitted to 5 bulbs now - calibration was done with 1 bulb only) (Dirty "workaround ;-), but still brighter as with dimmer before)