Fibaro Dimmer unresponsive first click problem

I have a Fibaro ZWave dimmer that seems unresponsive on first click, or actually just doesn’t turn the light on.

0-lights off, hasn’t been touch for a while.
1-first click does nothing (but think it sets its state to 1)
2-does nothing(but actually I think it’s setting the state back to 0)
3-turns the light on.

Could this be because I’m running on a 2 wire system? My friend actually has the same problem, but with Domoticz, so I think this is a hardware problem.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Found a thread about it, looks like a firmware problem. God I hate Fibaro, but they’re the only ones I know who support a 2wire system.

For anyone stumbling across this, it’s a bug in the firmware, confirmed by a reseller who have informed Fibaro many times and they refuse to admit it.

You can set parm10 to zero which disables soft soft on/off.
Or the real route of the problem is having any association groups other than the controller group. So I had a plug in dimmer associated to switch 2, removing this but keeping the zwave controller associated fixes the problem.