Fibaro Dinner 2nd Channel Usage

Hi everyone,

I’ve just installed my first Fibaro Dimmer switch into my switch. I’m using a retractive 1-way switch. Everything is working brilliantly.

I am now in the process of adding a motor to a blind in the same room. I’m trying to figure out a way to have a physical switch that can control the blinds. I have one near the window but I also want one near the light switch as it’s hard to reach the window.

I don’t want to add another wireless switch like the aeotec WallMote as I think it looks tacky.

My question is: the Fibaro Dimmer module has channel S2, which I am currently not using as I only have one light in the room. Is there a way that I could wire S2 into a 2-way switch, but not connect it to a load. Would openHAB be able to see the second switch being pressed?

The idea is I can then create a rule that fires the blinds up and down when the second button is pressed?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s possible. Openhab can see the second switch and it can be used in rules

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You should use the zwave parameter to use scene activation for the S2 input, then you can use
{ channel=“zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:nodeyy:scene_number” } and check for single, double and even triple clicks (see Fibaro manual).