Fibaro Door Sensor Gen5 Temperature Readings


I have a Fibaro FGK-101-ZW5 door/window sensor, with a temperature sensor.
My problem is that I don’t receive temperature updates in OpenHAB. Door binary sensor and batter level are reported correcty, but not the temperature. The sensor is properly installed (I have measured voltage with a multimeter), I included the device AFTER the installation of the temperature sensir and I am pretty sure that the parameters of the device are correctly set so I think it should send temperature readings.

I have other devices of this kind working perfectly, and the configuration is the same for all of them:

Contact ctPuerta {zwave=“25:0:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true,refresh_interval=0”}
Number nbTempPuerta {zwave=“25:2:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,refresh_interval=0”}
Dimmer dmBateriaSensorPuerta {zwave=“25:0:command=battery,refresh_interval=3600”}

This configutarion works for the other devices, but not the temperature readings for this new device.

My controller is an Aeon Labs Z-Stick (the old one, not Gen5) assigned to the FGK-101-ZW5 association group named “Sensor ZW-3”.

The thing is that the other devices that I have and work are the old version (Fibaro FGK-101, not the new Gen5 version), so I guess the problem may be in the command class.

Does any one how to configure this for OpenHAB 1.8???
Please help.

What does the XML for this device show? Looking at the database, it looks like the temperature sensor might now be on endpoint 0.

That was the reason.

This works for Gen5 sensor:
Number nbTempPuerta {zwave=“25:0:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,refresh_interval=0”}

This kind of info is not in the manufacturer’s manual, is it?