Fibaro Door Window contact FGK-10x Habmin Parameter


i got a Fibaro Window Contact with Temperature Sensor working. But i have a Problem with Battery drain.
I have read the description here:
and have a Problem with the Parameters 50 and 52. I have only the possibility to set 5 as the Paramters and not above. 5 means 5 Seconds Temperatur reporting, that is much to short and is the reason for the drain. If i set 300 for example, i don’t have the possibility to save.
Is this a bug or can someone explain, how i set the right Parameter.


No, but a wrong database entry.
I’ve corrected them, you need to wait for @chris approval and after the binding has been updated you are able to use them (delete the thing and add it again).

Hi sihui,

thank you!


SiHui schrieb am Mi., 15. März 2017 um
09:47 Uhr:

Approved, merged, and build started…

Hi Chris,

thank you for your commitment. What i have to do when the build is
finished? I use Openhabian on a RPI3.


Chris Jackson schrieb am Mi., 15. März 2017 um
11:59 Uhr:

The more important question is: are you on a stable or snapshot release?

snapshot: uninstall the zwave binding, wait half a minute, install the binding, finished.
stable: uninstall the binding, download the snapshot binding, put it in your /addons folder, start the binding if not started automatically. In addition to that you may need to install the serial transport dependency:

Hi sihui,

everything works fine now.

Thank you

SiHui schrieb am Mi., 15. März 2017 um
18:52 Uhr:

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I have the same sensor running and an issue with configuration in Paper UI.
I cant save any change with Paper UI because of a check of parameter 70.
The default is 0 for deactivate scenes, this is marked red and the save button is deactivated until changeing the parameter in the allowable range greater than 0.
Shouldnt the allowable range start with 0?

With Habmin I can successfully save the configuration also with 0 in Parameter 70. Is there no range check working or a different one than in Paper UI?


Hi, I have/had the same problem. Can´t save the parameter configuration. So I configure all things/Items in HABmin. I don´t use PaperUI. Now, i like HABmin more than PaperUI :wink:
What I want to say is, it´s not a problem only by you…