Fibaro Double Switch 2 and Scenes


I have a Fibaro Double Switch 2 working with a momentary switch and a light bulb. Pressing the button toggles the light on and off and the state is reported to openhab correctly.

What I want to achieve is to reuse this momentary switch to send scenes like double click,… to openhab to get more out of the switch.

Is this possible?

Is it also possible that the light bulb is not triggered when the switch is pressed?





you need to configure the parameter of your double switch in habmin. there you can setup scenes

I’m also trying to get scenes working with fibaro double switch 2.

What I found so far:

By default scenes are not activated, set parameters 28 and 29 to enable scene activation for selected actions.

Available settings are:
1 – Key pressed 1 time
2 – Key pressed 2 times
4 – Key pressed 3 times
8 – Key Hold Down and Key Released
Default setting: 0
Parameter size: 1 [byte]
Parameter 28 values may be combined, e.g. 1+2=3 means that scenes for single and double click are sent.

If you want DoubleSwitch2 to send a scene for each of the above possible key press you have to set parameter 28 to 1+2+4+8 = 15
For example:

Triple clicking momentary switch channel 2 gives me:
Then you can do something like: (Thanks to @sihui)

rule "test scene"
	Item Test_Scene_Number_Item received update 2.4 //or whatever numbers your device is creating
	logInfo("File", "Scene number 2.4 triggered")

So far, so good. But I don’t get a scene number for Key Hold Down and Key Released
Don’t know why.

Second question:

Couldn’t find out, how to do this. Maybe @DubZ can post a detailed example?

For S1 I get 1.2 when holding and 1.1 when releasing. For S2 2.2 and 2.1.

Just disconnect the wire … :grinning:

My firmeware-version is 3.2.

I get:

Key pressed 1 time = 1.0 or 2.0
Key pressed 2 times = 1.3 or 2.3
Key pressed 3 times = 1.4 or 2.4
Key Hold Down and Key Released = nothing changes

Same here.
Make sure you have parameter 28 and 29 set to 15.
Also make sure you press and hold it for a while (more than a second) to get the scene number.

Checked parameter 28 and 29 again. Ok.
And pressed switch more than 1 second. Ok.
No scene number 1.1 or 1.2.
I’m runing out of ideas.

Edit: I think, I found the cause:
I have Parameter 20 set to 2 (toggle switch) because I use Jung 509TU Tastschalter Doppel-Wechsel.
Fibaro-description to parameter 30 and 35 says:
*Hold and release is inactive when parameter 20 is set to 1 or 2.
**Double click is inactive when parameter 20 is set to 1.
@sihui If my guess is correct then that means:
Only if you set parameter 20 to 0 (momentary switch) you can get scene numbers for all possible click combinations.
Can you confirm that?

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As far as I read the manual: yes.
But: if you are using a “Tastschalter”, why are you not using the setting “momentary switch”? A “Taster” is not a toggle switch …

I think, despite the name “taster”, it’s a toggle switch:
Parameter 20 set to 0 didn’t work. (The first push allways was ignored. Only every second push, the device did change it’s state.)

Ahh, I see, it is a “Wechsler” not a “Schließer”. Never seen that before. Unfortunately that is a bad choice for the Fibaro’s …
You should buy the good stuff :rofl:

Twenty years ago, I didn’t thougt about, what fits best to homeautomation-devices. :joy:

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