Fibaro FGK 101 Missing temperature channel in openhab2?


I recently acquired a Fibaro FGK 101, and I’m trying to get temperature reading from it
using a ds18b20.

I can see that for the 1.x Binding there is a temperature channel

Fibaro FGK-101 door sensor (requires DS18B20 to be added):
Number Temp_UtilityRoom “Utility room temperature [%.1f °C]” { zwave=“7:2:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL” }

In Openhab2 I have the following channels:

  • Scene Number zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node12:scene_number
    Triggers when a scene button is pressed
  • Binary Sensor zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node12:sensor_binary
    Indicates if a sensor has triggered
  • Alarm zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node12:alarm_general
    Indicates if an alarm is triggered
  • Battery Level zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node12:battery-level
  • Alarm (general) zwave:device:xxxxxxxx:node12:alarm_general
    Indicates if an alarm is triggered

I guess it’s about adding the sensor_multilevel to the db?

Regards, S

After some initial appearing/ disappearing of the Item, my OH2 install with a FGK-101 and DS18B20 has been working for some time.

I use the door sensor as a means of sensing when the door bell is pressed (the reed switch is next to the bell solenoid - works well!), and have a manual items file:

Contact cHall_Doorbell  "Doorbell [%s]"                         {channel="zwave:device:razberry:node99:sensor_door"}
Number  nHall_Temp      "Hall Temp [%.1f C]"    <temperature>   {channel="zwave:device:razberry:node99:sensor_temperature2"}

The site map to display the temperature isn’t anything special:

Text item=nHall_Temp

Although I’m using flat flies, HABmin2 shows 9 channels with 2 active - Door Open and Temperature, linked as above so would expect you to be able to link a Thing to a Channel via the GUI in the same manner.

I remember having to change a setting in the FGK-101 to change the sense of the mag contract reporting, but don’t remember the temp sensor being complex. The sensor needs to be installed BEFORE powering up the FGK-101 and including it in the Z-Wave network. Adding it later needs an exclude/ reset/ include to pick the temp up.

I’m running a recent snapshot of OH2 on a RPi2, rather than packages so that could make a difference.

164 | Active   |  90 |    | org.openhab.core
194 | Active   |  80 |    | org.openhab.binding.zwave

Hope this helps…

There are two versions in the database - one has this sensor, and one doesn’t. Can you provide the XML that OH creates for this device?

Thanks for the replies:

@FloatingBoater I’ll to reset and readd, although I’m fairly certain I had already attached the ds18b20 when powering it up.


From a quick look by an unskilled eye, it looks like you have a later version (both deviceId and deviceType are +1) which has added Z-Wave Plus and a shed load of additional command classes (I see 11, yours has 21).

For comparison, here’s my XML from a working device:

FGK-101 with DS18B20 working.xml (12.8 KB)

You have the old version - the new version looks quite different…