Fibaro FGK-10x default wake up interval

Hi @chris,

we’re having issues with the default wakeup interval setting on these devices: it seems like there’s a default value of 16777215 seconds that is way out of the possible values written in the manual:

This is also visible from the node.xml file: node6.xml (9.4 KB).
Is this an error in the db?

Hi Alan,
Where is the default being set? It’s not set in the binding. Can you provide a log please?


Here is the log (node 35): (36.1 KB).
It seems like that value is indeed sent by the device despite what the manual says:

Could there be a number conversion/byte order issue?

I don’t think so - this is a valid number, and it’s converted correctly.

I guess it’s possible that the binding set this at some stage, but it shouldn’t. What the binding does is to check the value, and if it’s already set, then to leave it alone. If it’s not set, then it should get set to a value (1 hour I think).

I do plan to look at changing this as I think a more systematic approach might be less error prone - something like always setting it to a set value if the “master controller” setting is set…