Fibaro fgms-001 and aeotec multisensor 6 luminance


i have both devices mentioned in the subject, and both sensors are giving different but correlated luminance readings. the aeotec shows always 2-3 times less than fibaro (in range 0 to 4000 lux measured by fibaro). Ofcourse both sensors are exposed to the same amount of light. I also used my phone (nexus 5x) to measure the luminance and it gives values slightly higher than fibaro, so it seems that something is wrong with the aeotec sensor. Does anyone has the same issues with this aeotec sensor ? Maybe there is some configuiration parameter that i’m missing but i think there is only luminance treshold (that i set tu 10 lux) and report interval.

I have both, and I see the same thing – fibaro 2x to 3x the aeotec. Actually it looks a lot closer to 3x. The aeotec has a luminance calibration config parameter (#203), but I haven’t messed with it (yet). My aeotec has firmware version 1.7.

i believe that the calibration value is an absolute value not the relative value, but i also didn’t try that i just do the calibration in openhab.