FIBARO FGMS-001 Motion Sensor strange behavior

I am not shure if i have done configuration of this sensors right now.

For the “FIBARO Motion Sensor” I get the ON state when the alarm is triggered. This behavior applies to all kind of alarms (MOTION, BINARY, and TAMPER alarm).
But i recognized some strange behavoir when the motion detiction is triggerd.
Some logs of my motion sensor (…

  1. Some movement infront of the sensor -> recognized motion and triggered alarm
    ?) 30 sec later why it is reporting ???
    ?) 30 sec later why it is reporting again ???
  2. Sensor Alarm went off as long as you trigger again by movement infront of sensor

Some config values set by HABmin…

It seems the sensor reports a short off and immediately(after 1s) on again. But there was no motion infront of the sensor during this two periods.

I was thinking i am in use of a weird rule before but the behavior above explains. The goal was to switch a light per motion detection and after eleapsed timer off again.

to be complete the rule i have defined…

var Timer timer = null

rule "AutoSwitchOff"
    Item ZWaveNode34FGMS001MotionSensor_BinarySensor received update
    Item ZWaveNode34FGMS001MotionSensor_SensorLuminance changed

  if ((ZWaveNode34FGMS001MotionSensor_BinarySensor.state == ON) && (ZWaveNode34FGMS001MotionSensor_SensorLuminance.state < 5))
	sendCommand(ZWaveNode19FGS222DoubleRelaySwitch2x15kW_Switch1, ON)
	if (timer == null) 
		timer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(2)) [|
		timer = null
		sendCommand(ZWaveNode19FGS222DoubleRelaySwitch2x15kW_Switch1, OFF)]

Any ideas on this?