Fibaro FGMS001 set negativ parameter 66

Hy I’m new in to openhab and the community.

I’m have openhab 2 on the raspberry with an UZB_USB1 and some Fibaro sensors.

Everything is working the only problem is when I try to set an negativ parameter 66 (Temperatur Offset). In the PaperUI it won’t let me save it when i put a minus in front. In habmin I can press the save button and then it’s lost.

From what I know, you cannot set a negative value to Parameter #66 (Temp offset) in FGMS001

The available options are:

Available settings: 0 - 100 (0 to 100oC) or 64536 - 65535 (-100 to -0.10oC)
Default setting: 0 Parameter size: 2 [bytes]

So, if you want a -10 degrees Celsius offset, you should use: 65436 (positive value) in parameter #66
(each step is - 0.10 degrees Celsius)

It looks to me like the database is incorrect. It probably should be changed to allow -100 to +100 as the limits rather than 0 to 65535.

that would be best :slight_smile:

I just used the info from my Paper UI for this FGMS001 thing

Thanks Dim & chris you solved my problem :wink:

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If someone fancies updating the database to -100 - +100 then feel free…

Done. I’ll fix all the upper case labels, too.

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